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Looking for a house? Top 7 tips to find the best one for you!

When it comes to buying a house, especially if this is your first investment of the kind, there is just too much to consider and to think about. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that instead of making you all the more confused, I will give you 10 great tips along time lines of which you can start up, to end up with a new home all the more efficiently. Let’s get started.

1.) Learn about the tactics

This is not only about learning the tactics of buying but also to look at the other side and learn all the tactics real estate agencies use to make properties more attractive than they normally would be. Use the internet to your advantage. Make sure you know the tricks used to hide imperfections or even bigger issues.

2.) Do your own research on the real estate market

If you have your areas you would like to choose from, make sure you know how much do homes cost there in general and which factors play the largest part in the pricing. It’s not easy, but you can find the properties which the owners want to sell underpriced and as fast as possible. Check out the biggest real estate websites and see what they offer. You can spot the same houses and homes and often they are offered for different prices by different brokers.

3.) Let the photos guide you not misguide you

There are many ways to make photos look more attractive these days. Make sure you don’t entirely fall for the filters and you can easily see the cracks in the picture: e.g. places which are not on the photograph.

4.) Visit a property more than once

Don’t hurry and don’t think it’s impolite to visit a property more than once or twice. Have a good talk with the owners. Ask them about the neighborhood, about the neighbors, about the pros and the cons of the area itself and look around in the property.

5.) Always negotiate

In real estate business there is no price that cannot be changed for the better. The only question is, how low the owners can go. And you may never know it if you don’t give it a try.

6.) Check out the property’s history

If a property changes owners within the time-span of a few years only, there has to be an underlying reason why. And this reason may often have to do with deep, structural problems. This can also happen with newly built properties, so always watch out and steer clear from properties who changed owners more than once in the past 5 years.

7.) Always do a complete property check

There are agencies who are specialized in property checks and can tell you what issues a house has. Deal breakers include: any issues with the roof, plumbing, electricity system, water in the basement, damp walls.

If you pay attention to these points, chances are much higher that you won’t fail in finding the best possible property for you.